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"The Building a Culture of Safety Educational Tool is of utmost importance at all levels of education today. The proliferation of both cognitive and primal aggressors in our society continues to blind-side the enduring efforts of academic institutions to create sanctuaries of learning. As a former professional football player, I innately understand and appreciate the importance of complete awareness in regard to remaining safe in unpredictable and sometimes hostile environments. - Dr. Jamie Williams, Athletic Director, Academy of Art University; 12-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl winner.

"I'm thrilled that there is a tool that finally provides my son some education on protecting himself from potentially dangerous situations on campus as opposed to being an unaware target." Roberta Solomon, Parent

"As a school superintendent, students, staff and parents look to me to provide a safe environment.  The Aggression Management program has provided me with a systematic method for laying out a proactive plan for prevention. I would rather be spending our resources and time in prevention than in reacting!" - Superintendent, Lawrence Township Public Schools