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Jesus F. Peña, CCFT-Advanced

Director of Computer Forensics

As the Director of Digital Forensics, Jesus F. Peña provides digital forensic services to a wide variety of clients. These forensic support services include evidence acquisition, evidence analysis and reporting, and expert witness testimony. His expertise ranges from PC to network and Internetworking centric environments.

Previously, Peña served as Director of Digital Forensics at Verasys LLC before its acquisition by AI. Prior to that, he developed his expertise as a Principal at Dynabyte Information Services.

Peña has provided digital forensic services and support to Peña has provided digital forensic services and support to such federal agencies as the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has been certified as an expert witness by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida in the area of LAN/WAN security and firewall forensics. He also testified as an expert witness in the Southern District of Texas and the District of Maryland and provided testimony in the County Courts of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Sarasota as a computer forensics expert and fact witness for U.S. and multi-national corporations.

Peña is certified in the field of digital forensics, and has numerous course certifications related to Encase Forensic software, AccessData's Forensic Tool Kit and Kroll's Ontrack E-discovery. Peña earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Information Systems from Florida International University. To stay abreast of the latest security developments in his field, he is an active member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, and the High Tech Crime Network Organization.

Highlight of Qualifications

  • 21 years of experience

Education, Training, and Certifications

  • BA, Florida International University
  • Certified Computer Forensics Technician - Advanced level
  • Access Data - Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)- Intermediate Computer Forensics
  • Guidance – Encase Incident Response, Forensic Analysis and Discovery
  • Guidance - Encase Advanced Computer Forensics
  • Kroll-Ontrack's E-discovery


  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association
  • High Tech Crime Network Organization

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