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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

From Class-A high-rise facilities to industrial warehouses, Andrews International works closely with clients to create customized security programs that focus on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies.

At Andrews International (AI), we focus not only on securing both people and property but also on acting as customer service ambassadors for our commercial real estate customers. Our security programs are customized to the unique environment of each property, and every tenant is treated as a client.
We work closely with customers to incorporate the security program into the organizational culture, with consideration of enterprise objectives. In addition to protection, our goal is to help reduce overall security expenditures, identify and reduce threats, document return on investment, and relieve the property manager of the burden of security management. Services provided for the commercial real estate market include the following:

  • Facility access control and protection
  • Customer-specific hospitality and tenant and public relations
  • CPR/First Aid/AED training
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Parking garage security and parking enforcement
  • Patrol services
  • Command center operations and specialized screening
  • Emergency response coordination and crisis management
  • Alarm and electronic security system monitoring
  • Special event staffing
  • Consulting and investigations
  • Workplace violence prevention

Prestige Concierge Services

Drawing on our collective experience implementing security best practices at renowned high-rise properties throughout the nation, our Prestige Program is specifically designed for commercial real estate properties. The program provides an integrated approach to security that delivers enhanced customer service with a concierge approach and discreet but effective security posture and protection.

At the forefront is a selective hiring process and comprehensive training program that ensures security personnel meet exacting standards, with topics including the following outstanding customer service, tenant and public relations, tenant move in and out procedures, emergency response, fire protection and life safety, command center operations, facility systems, and CPR/First Aid/AED/Bloodborne Pathogens.

Training is designed to prepare security officers to handle the unique role of being customer service specialists with security duties. We develop security officers to become customer service experts, adept in identifying customer needs and exceeding their expectations. This program comes with customizable templates for reservations, directions, service requests, and other services.

Visitor Management System*

Our Visitor Management System standardizes the processing of visitors. This computer-based system eliminates handwritten lists and replaces them with easy-to-read computer reports. It is used to save driver's license information and confirm pre-approved visitors. The system can also flag unwanted visitors or contractors who are prohibited from gaining access to your property.

Tour Positive© System*

Our Tour Positive© System is a multi-functional tool for monitoring everything from security tour progress to systems readings from boilers, flow and compression units, heating and cooling units, and other infrastructure equipment. The system is satellite-based and triggers management alerts based on deviations from established parameters. With live monitoring through our National Command Center, Tour Positive© System ensures that both property managers and AI are always aware — in real-time — of potential security risks or mechanical system failures. Tour Positive© System is one of many systems we have developed to help minimize client exposures and deliver maximum value for your security dollar.

*Offered through technology partnership with U.S. Security Associates, Inc.

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