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Energy Infrastructure

Andrews International protects the infrastructure that brings electricity into our homes and workplaces, helping keep the nation's energy delivery system secure, resilient, and reliable.

Andrews International (AI) provides security services at sites ranging from electrical power generation plants and energy management control facilities to LNG suppliers, refineries, gas separation plants, and beyond. We develop and execute physical security programs in compliance with OSHA, Hazmat, C-TPAT, and other applicable regulations, requirements, and standards, based on expert understanding of the hazards and risks inherent in energy operations. From writing the post orders for regulated and non-regulated sites to coordinating safety and security efforts with local, state and federal authorities, we have the know-how and resources to provide complete turnkey management solutions.

In staffing sensitive sites in this specialty market, we target candidates with military and law enforcement backgrounds who meet stringent criteria – including appearance and demeanor, and the ability to pass comprehensive background checks, successfully complete rigorous, ongoing training and testing, and operate sophisticated electronic surveillance systems. Beyond our industry leading training on security fundamentals, safety program, and site specifics, we coordinate with local law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security to deliver terrorism training, bomb detection training, and other training as dictated by site risks and requirements.

Our officers control access, maintaining critical headcounts and performing security checks and inspections of people and vehicles, using under-vehicle monitoring systems to check for improvised explosive devices (IEDs). They staff posts, patrol routes, respond to alarms, and monitor closed circuit intelligent video surveillance systems. They are subject to random drills – ranging from suspicious mail deliveries to fake IEDs on the underside of tanker trucks and ladders left against security fence perimeters. Our officers make an excellent impression on government officials, regulators, and other visitors, demonstrating complete preparedness and professionalism.

We understand that baseline hours rarely represent the full picture in this industry, where increased threat levels and other factors routinely create surge requirements. We have the resources and flexibility to accommodate these demands. We have run more than double our baseline coverage for months – even years – at client sites with construction operations underway.

IT-driven quality controls govern the quality of our mission critical processes, including background screening, training, supervision, turnover, and responsiveness. The effect is a  very tight system that has led to international quality certifications and global recognition for training and world class customer service. Beyond physical site security, we also have in-house expertise through our Consulting and Investigations division to respond to the full range of our energy and infrastructure clients' security needs, domestically and around the globe:

  • Security vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Security plan development
  • Workplace violence prevention programs and training
  • Executive protection
  • Emergency and natural disaster response

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About Andrews International, Inc.

Andrews International, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is an industry-leading full service provider of security and risk mitigation services. Through local offices in the United States and Latin America and nearly 150 strategic partners around the world, the company provides security services to a wide range of business sectors in all 50 states and internationally to many of the Fortune 500. The firm's portfolio of services includes uniformed security, consulting and investigations, personal protection, special event security, training, alarm monitoring and response, and disaster and emergency response services. For more information, please visit the Andrews International website at

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