Markets Served

Markets Served

Canada Operations

Andrews International Security Services, Inc. provides full-spectrum uniformed security services, consulting and investigations through its Canada operations in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The following services can be provided on a local, national, or international basis.

Commercial Real Estate

Because commercial real estate has become one of the nation's most successful growth areas, real property is a primary target for theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation, as well as the life safety issues of the industry's most valuable assets, its tenants and visitors. And as commercial real estate continues to be developed – and values continue to escalate – developers, owners, and managers of property require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention, and protection.

Concierge Service Program

Our Premier Concierge Service Program provides security officers with advanced training in customer service and hospitality. The security officer is often the first person customers and visitors encounter at a property, and interaction with the security officer strongly influences perceptions of the service experience. Concierge security officers enforce property rules while serving as ambassadors of the client's unique environment and culture.

Data Centers

In recent years, data centers have morphed from outsourced storage facilities to pillars of growth and productivity, necessitating progressively higher levels of security to guard against evolving threats.

Educational Institutions

Because educational institutions and their campuses play host to a broad range of faculty, staff, students, notables, and the general public, an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention and protection is a necessity.

Energy Critical Infrastructure

There is no area more important to our nation than its critical infrastructure, highlighted by its oil and gas and energy-related producing facilities. They present both conventional and unique security challenges.

Financial Institutions

Because cash, securities, and other monetary instruments are primary targets for theft, embezzlement, and other related crimes, banks and financial institutions require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention and protection.

Global and National Accounts

Andrews International provides security services and consulting and investigations solutions around the world, with a holistic approach that ensures consistency of service across your portfolio.

Government & Defense

All organizations need to take steps to protect their people and property from security threats and breaches. For government agencies and other such highly visible public organizations, that risk is exponentially higher. Therefore, protecting these sites requires an even greater level of cooperation, coordination, communication, and standardization of security measures than traditional security providers are able to deliver.

Health Care

The health care sector is not only one of the nation's largest, it represents a particular set of security challenges and issues. Facilities and other assets, people, property, equipment, medicines, and medical supplies, have all become a primary target for theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation. And as the industry continues to expand and become more technologically oriented, health care owners and operators require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention, and protection.

Hotel & Hospitality

We work closely with hotel establishments to create customized security programs that focus on guest relations, advance planning, and preparation for all contingencies.

Valet Services

Andrews International (AI) provides valet parking services across America at hospitals and medical centers, hotels, upscale retail centers, residential properties, and for special events – wherever hospitality skills are of paramount importance.

Industrial & Manufacturing

With the evolution of America's industrial and manufacturing sector into a highly sophisticated and automated segment of the economy, its demands for security have become ever more substantial.


Security and integrity of assets must be maintained throughout the supply chain to meet business objectives and ensure delivery of quality products to your consumers.

Cargo Security

Our Cargo Security professionals help combat criminals and protect your supply chain. From low-risk route planning to cargo escorts to advanced monitoring technologies, U.S. Security Associates (USA) provides effective solutions for freight security from coast to coast.


Maritime industries deliver vital trade and transportation services, conveying vast numbers of people and goods every day. Ensuring the safety and security of port facilities, cargo ships, terminals and cruise lines requires highly specialized protection services.

Media & Entertainment

There are no fields exactly like the entertainment and media industries. They benefit from – and endure – the world's spotlight like no other; they produce and market creativity, not assembly line products; and they have more individuals in the public eye than does any other field.


Mexico is an attractive location for global companies to expand into due to economic advantages. The region, however, also faces geopolitical and economic challenges for businesses, including risks such as kidnapping, carjacking, extortion, theft, money laundering, harassment and assault. Companies, employees and assets – as well as business travelers, high-profile individuals, and expatriates who live or do business in the region – can be targets of these threats.

Mixded-Use Properties

Andrews International specializes in providing security and hospitality services at mixed-use developments combining retail, residential, and/or office space.

Patrol Service

Patrol security service is an affordable alternative to on-site security with a similar scope of work: to deter property loss, vandalism, and trespassing, and to observe and report unsafe conditions, hazards, and security violations. The challenge is for the patrol security officer to meet the same goals as an on-site officer in a fraction of the time. Patrol security officers need to be sharp. They must be keenly observant, unfailingly vigilant, and prepared to act decisively on their own judgment.


The global scope of petrochemical operations, operating and site safety hazards, and public image perceptions, present a unique risk profile with specific security challenges beyond traditional facilities protection.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most diverse fields, encompassing research, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, with a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Residential Communities

Residential security is equal parts security service and customer service. Property developers, owners, and managers require professional security planning and protection to minimize risks of theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation.

Retirement Communities

Our security officers serving senior living communities deliver blended security and hospitality services to ensure resident safety, well-being, and satisfaction. Andrews International (AI) serves many upscale retirement and assisted living communities throughout the country. 

Shopping Centers / Malls

Shopping centers have become major marketing and merchandising centers drawing millions of people to them daily. The combination of today's costly property developments, expensive merchandise, and large crowds of shoppers, has exposed centers to a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Strike Security & Labor Unrest

Labor strikes can disrupt business operations and harm reputations. In worst-case scenarios, facilities can be damaged and employees injured. Effective strike contingency planning can help companies save millions of dollars in avoided production and delivery delays, decrease risk to company assets and personnel, and prevent lawsuits or National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) violations.


The importance of technology to industry, communications, and national defense makes technology security sensitive on a national scale, and the creative processes which give rise to new technology products and services are themselves at risk.

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