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Our Valet Services professionals are trained security officers who specialize in customer service.

Andrews International (AI) provides valet parking services across America at hospitals and medical centers, hotels, upscale retail centers, residential properties, and for special events – wherever hospitality skills are of paramount importance.

Valet parking services are a natural extension of our core business providing uniformed security services. Our valet services professionals are trained security officers with specialized expertise in the delivery of exceptional customer service and in safety, security and property protection.

In recruiting for valet positions, AI seeks ambassadors for a world-class customer service culture. Integrity, sincerity, and the willingness to help are essential. Appearance and attitude matter. Digital posting of job openings helps us to reach many candidates from customer service and hospitality backgrounds who otherwise might not be exposed to opportunities in the security profession. AI's valet services professionals meet the same standards as all AI  security officers:

  • Must meet minimum age requirements
  • Must pass background checks and drug screens
  • Must be US citizens or aliens lawfully authorized to work in the US
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to perform duties required by the job
  • Must have verifiable work records indicating stability, reliability, and suitability for security work
  • Must demonstrate characteristics such as honesty and personal integrity
  • Must hold valid driver's licenses with no restrictions that would interfere with the performance of duties as required by the position
  • Must meet minimum requirements of state licensing for security guard employment

Employees who provide valet parking services receive the same basic training as employees providing security services, including the option for CPR and First Aid training. Security officer training for valet assignments includes extensive coursework on the art of hospitality; we teach our people to be respectful, responsive, and compassionate. With valet services professionals who make a positive first impression and leave a favorable lasting impression, AI does its part to ensure that our clients earn the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Many of our clients have seen their ratings trend upward through partnering with us.

AI's customer service training programs focus on service excellence and the successful management of customer perceptions about their experiences. Our employees benefit from internally developed modules on Customer Service, Public Relations, Concierge Service Excellence, and more. AI's recently released short segment training series includes many customer-service titles that pack vital information and attention-grabbing graphics into concise, 20-minute training modules.

Valet services are among the range of hospitality staffing and parking solutions available through Andrews International:

  • Park+ system for parking passes/ fee management
  • Parking management services
  • Parking attendant services
  • Door greeter services
  • Concierge services
  • Escort services
  • Shuttle/ transport services
  • Special event staffing
  • Traffic control services

Because excellent customer service is at the core of every successful security service program, we are committed to creating a culture where customer service flourishes, selecting and training employees to excel in customer service, and supporting customer service through company systems.

As a valet services provider, we apply everything we know about security and customer service toward creating a positive arrival and departure experience; the result is an efficient operation that reflects favorably on our client, thereby delivering maximum value.

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