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Enhancing Student Life

Andrews International (AI) assumes the security contract from in-house security staff at a prominent Boston university. AI’s approach to successfully securing the educational environment involves not only securing campus facilities, but ensuring the protection of the students, faculty and visitors to the university; as well as coordinating with the community and law enforcement to enhance student life and the community as a whole. Security becomes an integral part of the university’s culture, and a liaison between the university and the community. AI provides a dynamic and interactive security program, actively and continuously monitoring security threats on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood to adjust security procedures accordingly.

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Executive Protection Program Design and Training

A company requires defensive driving and victim avoidance training for its protective driving team and a member of executive management. Andrews International designs the program and provides the technical team for classroom and road-course instruction. Areas of training include vehicle dynamics; personal security and surveillance detection; protecting the executive while in transit; and other customized areas unique to the client.

Intellectual Property Theft Investigation

A US high-tech company with research and development offices in China suspected they had lost proprietary product design information to a company with questionable origins. After initiating surveillance and other technical investigative activity, it was determined general management and technical employees from the client company had taken proprietary information to the competitive company and produced product in direct competition with the client product. Legal steps were taken to restrict competitive activity and prevent further loss of product market share.

Emerging Market Country Risks

A client hired Andrews International to evaluate risks in a foreign country with specific focus on those socio-economic, political and government related issues that could impact a successful market entry into a new region. The study provided a SWOT analysis of the security, defense, economic, political and business environments of the country; along with a security overview of insurgent groups, internal and external security conditions, and a rating of terrorism vulnerability, conflict risk and physical safety risk. Because of the findings by Andrews International, investment was delayed until more robust mitigating solutions were in place to support the investment.

Due Diligence

A corporate client was in the process of making a large acquisition when Andrews International was asked to conduct a Due Diligence Investigation that would include work in Asia and the United States. Based on the results of the investigation, our Fortune 100 company, was able to re-assess the financial considerations on the deal and approach the business transaction with a different strategy. Andrews International discovered litigation and profile information on company management which our client was previously unaware. The result: the client achieved a tangible return on investment and cost avoidance due to the work of our due diligence team.

Premier Anti-Piracy Screening

A major motion picture studio held movie premieres on the East and West Coasts on the same day, with the World Premiere being shown on 38 screens simultaneously with approximately 9500 attendees.  Andrews International provided: trained anti-piracy agents to monitor each audience with night vision to ensure no attempts are made to pirate the film; walk through metal detectors, metal detection hand-wanding and bag checks upon entry into the theaters to prevent any unauthorized devices from gaining access into the auditoriums; and protection of the prints from the moment they arrived on site.  

Corporate Security and Local Law Enforcement Investigation
Support and Interface

A corporate investigator for a major motion picture studio contacted Andrews International and requested assistance in identifying and locating a stalking suspect who had represented himself as an executive of the studio in order to gain favor with several young, attractive, females. Using an alias, the suspect had business cards printed that were exact copies of the authentic studio business cards, including the corporate logo.

Although initially reluctant to do so, each of the would-be victims was ultimately convinced to assist/cooperate in our attempt to identify and locate the stalking suspect. The Threat Management Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department also lent their resources to our efforts.

A comprehensive investigation was conducted, which included conducting interviews, surveillance and database research.

Ultimately, a meeting between the suspect and one of the young victims was arranged at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Andrews International investigators conducted a stakeout of the location and upon the arrival of the suspect confronted him and obtained a confession from him that was submitted to LAPD.

Overseas Security Controls Assessment and Asset Diversion Investigation

Our client, a U.S. based, high-tech company with offices in Asia, is a manufacturer of networking platforms designed to mitigate the risk associated with connecting to critical network services.

When two computers containing proprietary software were discovered missing from the production area of a facility in Shanghai, China, Andrews International was asked to initiate an on-site investigation; along with a security assessment of the physical, personnel and information controls in the operations. The investigation focused on determining the target of the theft; the computers, or proprietary software contained in the computers.

The investigation included conducting Interviews and discussions with employees at all levels within the organization, including contractor staff that had access to the loss location.

Conclusions from the assessment were that the security measures in place at the client location were above average for a multi-national company in China; however, several vulnerabilities were identified and key recommendations were made that led to tighter controls in inventory management, warehouse shipping/receiving processing and sub-contractor screening.

Armed Security Professional Support

Our client, a major media and entertainment conglomerate, engaged Andrews International to use our highly trained armed uniformed security officer program, as a complement and blend with other contract security personnel and with their in house, union, security personnel. This team is focused on access control into the client's studio and rapid deployment support to respond in emergency situations until local police can respond.  This program has been in effect since September of 2002 as a result of the 9-11 tragedy and other workplace incidents requiring higher skilled and technically trained personnel. With the increase in response time from the various police agencies, this innovative approach has ensured issues needing immediate attention and mitigation are met with a team capable of using a higher level of expertise and force, if needed.

Disaster and Emergency Response

In August of 2005 a hurricane of a biblical proportion struck the lower portion of the United States. In response to Hurricane Katrina, Andrews International deployed a 28 person rapid deployment team to handle security needs within days of the disaster. This team of active duty peace officers or retired officers were able to gain access to the damaged areas that were restricted to military, law enforcement and rescue personnel. Because of Andrews International's prompt and well structured planning; and relationships at the local, state and national level; we were able to efficiently and effectively position our team in key restricted areas.

Andrews International personnel deployed at numerous locations and provided 24 hour security and intelligence gathering to keep the respective business owners informed. Andrews International later screened and assisted workers and displaced employees returning to the ravaged sites. Many employees were still traumatized and would not return without a highly visible security presence.

Not only did Andrews International respond to the immediate needs of current client locations but we supported additional businesses when other security service forms were unable to support their customers.

When other companies failed to deliver, Andrews International mobilized a team of experienced security professionals to deal with this catastrophic event.

Multi-Country Executive Protection Project Management

An Andrews International client is engaged in business development trips to Europe and the Middle East; with requirements to provide protection for the Chairman/CEO and other company senior management. Andrews International provides a project manager from our headquarters staff who works with Andrews International vetted on the ground resources in London, Geneva, Saudi Arabia, Doha and Dubai to support the mission.

The coordination of private aircraft security, customs and immigration routing, advance planning, defensive driving and constant security and emergency response protocol for the principal and other company associates was provided in a coordinated and integrated fashion across each event and stage of the project.

Processes and planning used in the project were led via the US based project manager, who traveled with the CEO and his support team, in coordination with alliance partners on the ground. The project was deemed very successful by the client; which led to an ongoing relationship of support services such as 24/7 estate security protection; new business merger and acquisition due diligence; and general workplace investigations. 

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