Core Services

American philosopher William James wrote that

"A chain is as strong as its weakest link."

Core Services

Andrews International is a nationwide firm focused on forging the strongest possible chain of security and protection by establishing and maintaining partnerships with its clients; local, state and national law enforcement; security intelligence; and others responsible for the protection of physical, people and information assets.

Andrews International is one of the premier professional providers of a comprehensive range of superior security and risk mitigation services.

Security management and protection in today's complex world requires the highest level of competence; access to, and deployment of, the latest technologies; and unparalleled experience in a broad range of situations and environments. Planning, execution, and follow-up must be based on superior levels of reliability and confidentiality, understanding of the client's business and its requirements, and a comprehensive approach to the security function. That is the Andrews International approach.

The firm's clients include major corporate entities, mid-sized companies, non-profit organizations, notable individuals, government at all levels, and others. Working in a spirit of close partnership with its clients, Andrews International is unexcelled at risk mitigation and enterprise threat management, consulting and investigations, corporate security, response security services, special events security, and the full range of related services.

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