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Businesses and individuals today face a constantly changing kaleidoscope of risks and threats, ranging from cyber attacks targeting intellectual property and customer data to physical attacks aimed at people, events, and places.

Andrews International (AI) offers a contemporary, proactive solution to help clients stay ahead of a variety of threats. AI's Consulting & Investigations (C&I) team provides cyber intelligence, threat assessment, and threat management for people, organizations, and events around the globe, using a combination of intelligence-gathering technology, human analysis, and mitigation measures.

Intelligence-gathering takes place through a technology platform called Cyber Intelligence Protection and Containment Scan (CIPACS). CIPACS monitors traffic on social media sites and the Dark Net, an area of the Internet that facilitates communication and activity among criminals, including hackers, child pornographers, and people trafficking in black market pharmaceuticals, drugs, films, music, and more. CIPACS flags potential threats based on the magnitude and context of online chatter.

Our threat assessment experts then analyze the CIPACS data, extract extraneous information and idle chatter, and determine if a real threat specific to our client exists or is potentially developing.

This highly focused approach using CIPACS technology and expert analysis provides clients with predictive, preventive intelligence covering a broad range of threats:

  • plans to physically harm people or facilities
  • plans to physically attack or disrupt special events
  • planned "flash mob" activity
  • discussions of physical security weaknesses that may also impact cybersecurity
  • threats against key vendor sites that could compromise data integrity or availability
  • online technical discussions or confidential data leakage by current or ex-employees
  • discussions on underground chat channels, hacker boards, and other sources that may outline information about current hacks and attempts to exploit any recognized successes
  • statements related to the privacy, confidentiality, or security of customer account information

Because perpetrators often plan and prepare for weeks, months, even years, using the Internet, the Dark Net, and social media sites, cyber intelligence is a practical solution that enables clients to identify and contain emerging threats. An investment in cyber monitoring is far less costly than the consequences of many incidents that could have been anticipated and mitigated through predictive, preventive intelligence.

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