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Training in Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response

AI's Consulting & Investigations division is home to many of the industry's top experts in workplace violence prevention and training.

Our Consulting & Investigations experts are in demand for threat assessment, training and interventions throughout the U.S. and around the globe. They have traveled to hundreds of client sites to conduct surveys, develop workplace violence prevention programs, and present training. They are consulted hundreds of times every year on risks of potential violence.

Our consultants assist clients with every element of a comprehensive workplace violence prevention and active shooter response program, including any or all of the following:

  • Site surveys and needs assessments
  • Strategic goal-setting and recommendations
  • Formation of threat assessment teams
  • Design and/or update of policies and procedures
  • First responder/ threat assessment team training
  • General employee training

To stay informed of evolving practices and concerns, our consultants constantly review the information available from various organizations and regulatory bodies, as well as studying related case law decisions through Lexis-Nexis and other sources. In addition to knowing the ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard (2011), our workplace violence experts closely follow the latest OSHA, EEOC, NLRB and DoJ developments.

Wherever an organization is along the continuum of workplace violence preparedness, we have the resources, expertise and experience to deliver maximum value as a workplace security partner.

Security Officer Training in Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response

Our consulting and investigations professionals emphasize to clients that employee training is vital to any workplace violence prevention or active shooter response program.

In our security services operations, we practice what our experts preach: security officer training in workplace violence response IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.

Yet not all security officers today receive workplace violence training. At Andrews International, we have heard many explanations and justifications for security officers lacking this critical training. In light of the devastating impact of workplace violence in terms of employee morale, productivity, medical and psychological care, liability costs, and company reputation, we assert that none of these reasons are acceptable:

"Our locations are in low risk areas…"
No area is immune to the risk of workplace violence. In rural areas, which may be perceived as lower risk than major metro areas, there is the added risk of slower law enforcement response.

"Incidents at sites like ours are typically low-level, involving unarmed perpetrators…"
Most people believe "it will not happen here." They don't expect violence to happen to them or at their place of work. A survival mindset begins with awareness that workplace violence of any kind can impact anyone, in any work setting, and across all levels of employment.

"We rely on law enforcement to respond. We just need our security officers to be effective at communicating situational data to police/first responders."
In most active shooter incidents, shootings take place before the first law enforcement officer arrives on scene. The incidents are over completely in 10-15 minutes. Often, on-site personnel are the only ones who might be able to stop deadly behavior.

"We have too many locations for security officer training in workplace violence to be practical."
There are efficient methods of delivering security officer training effectively across multiple locations via electronic delivery or instructor consistency.

"There is too much turnover among security officers for workplace violence training to be feasible."
The best security companies are very successful at keeping turnover to a minimum at most sites, but when turnover does take place, new security officers must be trained, and workplace violence response training should be part of that program.

"Our security service personnel are unarmed, so there is no reason to train them in workplace violence response."
Even an unarmed security force can be trained in pro-active preventive measures and basic response to these situations.

Workplace violence training belongs in the core security officer training curriculum.

Every AI Security Officer Has a Solid Foundation of Workplace Violence Training

AI's basic security officer training program includes a full unit on workplace violence. In addition to defining workplace violence, this course helps security officers-in-training prepare themselves for violent encounters. The unit introduces the four types of workplace violence along with the proper tactics for dealing with potentially violent situations.

As AI security officers continue their security service careers, they have opportunities to refresh and enhance their education on workplace violence prevention and response through courses incorporated in our in-service security officer training programs. These include courses lasting up to one hour as well as 20-minute short segment training units on both workplace violence and active shooter response.

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