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Workplace Violence and
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Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Program

Workplace violence is a risk every business faces, and an exposure for which many are not prepared. As national standards, agency regulations, and professional guidelines evolve, more and more organizations are turning to Andrews International (AI) for comprehensive, customized workplace violence solutions, with a team of the industry’s leading experts on permanent standby, just in case.

AI’s Consulting, Investigations and International (CI&I) division provides workplace violence solutions for Fortune 500 corporations, higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, and other clients throughout the United States and around the globe. Our workplace violence consultants routinely travel to client sites to perform assessments, develop written programs, present training, conduct investigations, and lead direct interventions. We are consulted hundreds of times every year on threats of potential violence.

Our CI&I group has internal resources and expertise in every aspect of developing a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program:

  • Conducting preliminary assessments to identify and plan for risks at every site location
  • Developing written workplace violence programs in compliance with the ASIS/SHRM ANSI standard and the latest OSHA, EEOC, NLRB and DoJ developments
  • Consulting on formation of corporate and local site threat assessment teams
  • Training threat assessment teams and other employees using customized curricula based on over 25 years of field testing, refinement, and benchmarking
  • Preparing meaningful, effective procedures for record keeping, documentation review, and evaluation
  • Establishing incident response, investigation, reporting, and follow-up procedures
  • Providing 24/7/365 access to expert advice and support on developing issues and threats, including psychological consult and direct intervention as needed

Through a cost-effective approach capitalizing on existing resources, our consultants develop OSHA-compliant workplace violence programs per ASIS-SHRM and other regulatory standards and guidelines. Our programs are inclusive of customized training curricula, procedural material, and documentation formats, all engineered by a team of experts parlaying decades of threat assessment and management experience into comprehensive, client- specific solutions.

Our consultants have each element of this work “down to a science,” enabling us to accomplish more in fewer billable hours. We are adept at adapting and re-engineering content from existing materials and sources. Because we are called upon daily to assess and manage real, live threats, our training is fresh, current and in tune with the scenarios that are unfolding in today’s workplaces. Perhaps most importantly, our accumulated experiences as seasoned threat assessment/ threat management professionals give us the strength of our convictions — you can trust AI’s Consulting, Investigations and International team for decisive judgments and sound advice when the stakes are high.

Run/Hide/Fight – Surviving an Active Shooter Event is an example of the type of training that our consulting and investigations professionals deliver for clients. We custom-design the training to address the specific needs of the client organization. CAUTION: Run/Hide/Fight is a simulation of an active shooter event in a workplace; some viewers may find the content graphic or disturbing.

Run/Hide/Fight is a DHS Grant Funded Project of the Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative, produced by the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Training Experts

Brian Gimlett is President for the Consulting, Investigations and International Division based in New York City. Gimlett brings more than 30 years of security experience in both the U.S. Government and the private sector to the position.

Michael H. Corcoran, Ph.D., Doctor of Behavioral Science was in the law enforcement field for over 34 years beginning in 1968, and he has been in the threat assessment field since 1970, when he entered the United States Secret Service.  With a doctorate in Behavioral Science and extensive law enforcement experience, Dr. Corcoran specializes in identifying and handling potentially violent subjects.  He conducts threat assessments, determinations of true potentials of violence and criminal profiling for governmental agencies, cities and counties, law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, school districts and healthcare providers around the world.

Gimlett and Corcoran are joined by other consulting and investigations experts throughout the organization, many of whom have 30-40 years of professional experience in responding to workplace threats and violence.

Questions about Workplace Violence Prevention?

Click here to "Ask the Doctor" a question about workplace violence prevention. By providing your contact information, you are entitled to a free response from Dr. Michael Corcoran to a question concerning a workplace violence issue you may have. Please provide your name, title, company, email address and mailing address, along with your question. Dr. Corcoran will respond directly.

Consulting & Investigations Contacts

To learn more about how our Consulting & Investigations team can assist with your organization's workplace violence prevention and/or active shooter response plans, please contact:

Brian Gimlett
President Consulting and Investigations
U.S. Security Associates
New York, New York

Security Consultants and Investigators
For consulting and investigations inquiries, please call 305.373.8488.

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