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Asia Pacific varies immensely in threats and security needs.  Thriving technology and manufacturing centers, military modernization programs and rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region fuel a burgeoning security market, as enterprises increasingly expand in these areas and global power shifts. China and India have the greatest economic and military influence in the region, and each bear unique threat profiles as they compete for dominance in this area and global influence.  The region continues to face traditional socio-economic and natural disaster security challenges, and at the same time is confronted with growing transnational threats, terrorism and challenges faced by emergent development and political transformation. Terrorism issues in India continue to hinder Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the region.   

While Homeland Security expenditure in the region is forecast to grow by 20% annually for the foreseeable future, with many security companies growing as much as 25% annually, limited security regulations reinforce the need for quality security resources in the area.

U.S. Security Associates provides security services to support customers' needs throughout the Asia-Pacific region with vetted, dedicated regional partners based in the following countries.

  • Mumbai, India
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Manila, Philippines

Our consulting and investigations division has the experience to effectively mitigate risk and protect people, property, operations and assets in these countries.  The in-depth knowledge of the country, people, and surroundings possessed by the C&I team helps to navigate through the cultural differences and other challenges faced by providing national security services.  The changing security environment in Asia-Pacific demands vigilance to keeping watch on current affairs, working closely with people on the ground and in the country, while developing and improving upon means of gaining actionable intelligence. 

Established local resources provide the support and expertise of on-the-ground teams familiar with area customs, culture, language and bureaucratic processes, easing the transition into these areas by assisting with communications, industry regulations and cultural considerations.  We routinely assist customers with business intelligence, travel security, executive protection, intellectual property protection, cyber security and other services as they expand into these markets. 

Following are key services provided to address specific security needs in the region; however, all core security services of the company, consulting and investigations and specialized services are also offered.

Key Services Provided:

  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Risk analysis and site security surveys
  • Business intelligence
  • Vendor screening
  • Crisis management planning and emergency response
  • Executive protection
  • Defensive and evasive driver training
  • Kidnap and extortion response
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Computer forensics and cyber-security
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance investigations
  • Supply chain logistics security and cargo protection


Randy Andrews, CEO/CSO 


As part of our full range of services to support customers in these areas, we offer comprehensive intelligence and reporting capabilities, including:

  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Intelligence Alerts
  • Daily Summary
  • Regional Intelligence Report (Bi-Weekly)
  • Special Reports

These reports are customized to the unique needs of each geographic location and customer. For more details on reporting capabilities, click here.

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