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Our Canadian subsidiary, International Security Associates, is one of only a handful of companies that provide full-spectrum uniformed security services, anti-piracy services, and consulting and investigations throughout Canada, with direct operations in the following provinces:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg

The move to expand the delivery of our security services in provinces throughout the country follows increasing demands for the company's services across the region by its international clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, as well as a growing need among Canadian businesses for a higher quality of security services that meet regulatory requirements in Canada's provinces and territories. Legislation of the contract security industry in Canada results in key differences in the services we provide in this geographic region.

Private security services in Canada fall under the jurisdiction of ten provinces and three territories.  Legislation in each of the ten provinces and one of the territories has been set up to regulate the contract security industry in those areas.  The legislation requires that contract security companies and their employees be licensed to provide private security services, with formalized training successfully completed as a pre-requisite.  Canada's federal laws also regulate the use of weapons (including handcuffs, firearms and batons) by private contract security officers; in most cases restricting armed security service altogether. We conduct background checks on all officers, consisting of criminal record checks, credit and reference checks and Identification checks.

While compensation requirements for employees differ (in some provinces vastly) for each province, as well as mandatory overtime rules, we offer above-industry-standard compensation in Canada, including supplemental benefits, which enables us to attract more qualified candidates. More qualified personnel, combined with operations led by veterans versed in all facets of global security, result in higher quality security programs.

We assure consistent service delivery with centralized processes. AI's Command Center staff members have the ability to support the lone worker program in Canada and to assist security guards during their shifts by providing additional oversight of the client's standard operating procedures and post orders.

Our customers benefit from an enterprise security strategy and a partnership approach to develop comprehensive guidelines for security, focusing on threat assessments, situation analysis, and meticulous planning to identify problems and issues before they arise and to respond to risk swiftly and effectively. Following are key services provided to address specific security needs in the region; however, all core security services of the company, consulting and investigations and specialized services are also offered.

Key Services Provided:

  • Uniformed Security Services 
  • Anti-Piracy Services
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Crisis Planning and Emergency Response
  • Due Dilligence
  • Security Assessments


David Skuy
Vice President Canadian Operations

As part of our full range of services to support customers in these areas, we offer comprehensive intelligence and reporting capabilities, including:

  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Intelligence Alerts
  • Daily Summary
  • Regional Intelligence Report (Bi-Weekly)
  • Special Reports

These reports are customized to the unique needs of each geographic location and customer. For more details on reporting capabilities, click here.

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