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Central and South America

Central and South America

While Central America has tremendous wealth to support manufacturing and trade, the region was neglected by international aid against drug trafficking until recently, leaving it vulnerable to narco traffickers, drug gangs and consequently corruption.  Countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador face immense security issues contrasted by their thriving manufacturing and trade sectors. The remaining Central American countries face similar security issues due to struggling economies and proximity to the far reaching drug and money laundering enterprises.

South America is ever evolving in the socio-political realm.  Natural resources and accessible labor allow business and trade to increase despite ideological obstacles. Countries such as Venezuela have severe socio-economic contrasts, creating an extremely high-risk environment for companies and their employees. Similarly, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina face security challenges due to these same socio-political struggles. 

Whereas countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Peru have much more business friendly governments that support foreign investment; they continue to have security risks due to long standing internal conflicts or economic disparities.  This creates tremendous opportunities for multi-national corporations; albeit with a keen eye towards risk assessment and mitigation.

With risk mitigation, consulting and investigations affiliates based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and Bogota, Colombia, we are uniquely positioned to support the enterprise development of our customers in this region.  We assist customers with enterprise risk management, cultural awareness and travel and executive protection (including armored vehicles and GPS tracking services), as well as due diligence support for merger and acquisition, asset and personal protection, monitoring and emergency response planning.  We also have ongoing consulting projects throughout Central and South America and we frequently consult and accompany client travelers visiting Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. 

These services include providing counseling to customers on area risk and evasive techniques, executive protection, and providing security trained drivers who are familiar with the area. Our defensive driving training, armored vehicles, crisis management planning and response and GPS tracking services offer customers added safety and peace of mind.  Following are key services provided to address specific security needs in the region; however, all core security services of the company, consulting and investigations and specialized services are also offered.

Key Services Provided:

  • Uniformed Security Services
  • Security Assessments / Risk Analysis and Consulting
    • Threat monitoring and intelligence briefings
    • Crisis management planning and response
    • Business Intelligence and due diligence
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Executive Protection and Transportation Protection
    • Defensive / evasive driver training
    • GPS monitoring of employee vehicles and cargo
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-PAT) Compliance Evaluation and Certification
  • Supply Chain Logistics Security and Cargo Protection
  • Kidnap and Ransom Prevention Planning and First Response
  • Computer Forensics and Cyber Security


Randy Andrews, CEO/CSO 

As part of our full range of services to support customers in these areas, we offer comprehensive intelligence and reporting capabilities, including:

  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Intelligence Alerts
  • Daily Summary
  • Regional Intelligence Report (Bi-Weekly)
  • Special Reports

These reports are customized to the unique needs of each geographic location and customer. For more details on reporting capabilities, click here.

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