Global Reporting Capabilities

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Global Reporting Capabilities

Based on a thorough analysis of customer risk and potentially rapidly changing operational security needs on a global basis, our Consulting & Investigations Division can develop customized, comprehensive assessment and reporting capabilities to support protective business intelligence throughout the world. Reporting methods and deliverables vary by customer and location, specialized to augment enterprise security programs that address unique threat profiles in each area. Examples of reports that we can develop on a project basis in coordination with our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Tactical Intelligence Alerts - A unique capability developed by our Intelligence team. Our Tactical alerts are localized, street level, near real-time updates on issues that may influence the security and business continuity of clients with on ground interests. The tactical alerts are gathered using modern Intelligence gathering and reporting tools, as well as social networks and on ground sources, which then go through a cross-referencing, vetting and analysis process. Where relevant, a local orientation map is attached to visualize the information reported. 
  • Intelligence Reports - Reporting on security and stability related incidents and trends occurring in our clients' areas of operation. Each report includes an update on the event, an intelligence assessment, recommendations for best course of action, and a visual display of information provided using satellite imagery. 
  • Intelligence Alerts - Alerts and notices on upcoming events which may impact business continuity in a specific area of operations. Each alert includes assessments covering anticipated threats to business continuity, in addition to practical recommendations for the best course of action. 
  • Daily Summary - Issued every morning (Eastern Standard Time), the Daily Summary lists notable events impacting travel security and business continuity for each country in the region. Each event is supplemented with a short assessment or travel recommendation (where relevant).  
  • Regional Intelligence Report (Bi-Weekly) - Every two weeks, we can deliver an assessment covering countries in the region. These reports focus on the security and political consequences of recent events in order to provide an overall short term assessment of regional stability. Each report includes a summary of recent events as well as our assessment
  • Special Reports - we can develop special reports meant to inform clients on important local and regional issues and trends. These reports include organizational profiles, dossiers, and analysis on current events in the political, security, and cultural spectrums. 

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