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Air Security Officers (ASOs)

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Air Security Officers (ASOs)

Our Special Projects Group meets the need for certified, TSA-approved Air Security Officers (ASOs) to accompany private flights into Reagan National Airport.

Through our Air Security Officer (ASO) program, we provide the certified, TSA-approved personnel required on private flights traveling into Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, D.C.

After 9/11, the Reagan National Airport was closed to private aircraft use in order to better secure the airspace near and around the U.S. Capital. As the restoration of general aviation began, TSA set standards for security on all general aviation flights into DCA. The DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) sets forth the security measures that must be followed by all aircraft flying into DCA.

Our Special Projects Group developed a specialized Air Security Officer (ASO) program to support compliance with DASSP standards for clients traveling by private aircraft into Reagan National. We provide certified personnel, per DASSP requirements, to accompany approved flight service.

Our certified ASOs have successfully completed the required application process, background investigations, and the mandatory training for certification as TSA-approved Air Security Officers (ASOs). We collaborate with client flight operations to ensure compliance with the flight side of DASSP requirements as well as with any additional requirements to which the private flight service is subject.

The Air Security Officer program is operated by the Special Projects Group within our Consulting, Investigations and International division.

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