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Workplace Violence Threat Management  

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Workplace Violence Threat Management

In the wake of headlines about gun violence in our nation’s schools, theaters, and shopping centers, many organizations are urgently seeking professional threat management assistance.

The Special Projects Group at Andrews International (AI) is fielding hundreds of requests every year to assess risks of potential violence and to manage real, live threats. AI’s Special Projects Group provides clients with an around-the-clock safety net of on-call consultants, usually as part of a comprehensive workplace violence program developed with the help of AI’s Consulting, Investigations and International (CI&I) division.

Experts from the CI&I division work with organizations to establish workplace violence programs that meet OSHA requirements and the ASIS/SHRM ANSI standard, including client-customized training curricula, procedural material, and documentation formats. The CI&I team’s objective is to arm clients with the tools, resources, and knowledge to independently operate successful workplace violence programs. The ultimate goal and intent is for clients’ internal threat assessment teams to be able to effectively determine the best way of resolve going forward in each and every case, with little or no involvement from us. However, our Special Projects Group remains available to provide expert advice and support if necessary.

The Special Projects Group deploys direct intervention teams as part of a comprehensive threat management approach that includes the following elements:

  • Threat investigation
  • Threat assessment
  • Personal and site protection during threat intervention
  • Long term mitigation

For psychological assessments, we rely on one of the world’s foremost authorities in identifying and handling potentially violent subjects. Our expert acquired his Ph.D. in Behavioral Science during his tenure with the Secret Service, where he was entrusted with assessing threats against U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents and numerous foreign dignitaries. Now retired from the Secret Service, he is in demand as an international speaker and expert witness and routinely conducts threat assessments and workplace violence training in association with our Special Projects Group.

Our threat management professionals rely on proven principles and experience to effectively manage all kinds of workplace threats, including security over-watch during difficult terminations and security support during reductions in workforce, facility closings, and mergers and acquisitions. You can count on Andrews International to rapidly determine an individual’s true potential for violence in a given environment with decisiveness, not guesswork, and then to facilitate successful resolution in partnership with corporate legal, human resources, and security management stakeholders.

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