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Employment Background Screening, Your Way

Hire reputable workers with solid backgrounds by utilizing employment reference checks and substance abuse testing from Andrews International.

Through a unique consultative approach, we help you deploy and manage a successful screening program that you can easily operate with one of our secure technology. Andrews International streamlines your hiring process by using integrated partner data exchange and Web-based ordering and delivery tools, providing FCRA compliance support, and offering industry-specific screening solutions.

So why is the industry talking so much about the Andrews International Solution?  We help you work smarter while providing the industry's fastest turnaround and the highest quality results. Plus, by leveraging our ASI technology platform we can reduce your screening costs. Order only the services you need through our progressive ordering program. Increase recruiter productivity by leveraging our automated adjudication models. Pre-design packages by job function to customize special requirements for jobs with unique search requirements.

Name and Address Search

The primary source of this search is credit header data. However, the three credit bureaus often do not include a subject's current address. Our identity verification service also searches alternative sources and public records such as telephone records to verify the current address. This supplement will often identify addresses not listed by the applicant.

Social Security Number Validation

To check the validity of the Social Security Number, we run it against the Social Security Administration (SSA) format information index.

Credit Check

Credit checks are obtained from one of the three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian.

County Criminal Check

County criminal checks performed directly at the county court house are the most accurate check available. There are over 3,100 county court houses in the United States. We order county searches based on your package and defined criteria. One of our researchers will actually go to the courthouse and check the file to see if your applicant or volunteer has a criminal conviction. Most courthouses go back a minimum of 7 years, where federal and state laws allow.

State Criminal History

Several states offer an online search that includes all counties within a state.  This database search is for those states that provide online access to conviction records. These searches can help identify if a person committed a crime in one or more county within a state. We have developed best practices to assist with Statewide searches..

Federal Criminal History

U.S. District Court indices are searchable at the federal level. Federal violations rarely appear in a county, state or national criminal check. Types of crimes that would be prosecuted at the federal level are kidnapping, drug trafficking, bank robbery, embezzlement, or counterfeiting.

National Criminal Database Search

Our national criminal records database of over 500 million criminal records is aggregated across all 50 states from local, state and federal government sources. These sources include administrative offices of the courts, departments of public safety, and state corrections departments, just to name a few. While data from some sources such as North Carolina is updated on a daily basis, most sources are updated monthly or quarterly. As with all background screening companies, the data is current to the level of the contributor. This search can help reveal offenses in jurisdictions purposely excluded from an application by a candidate.

Sex Offender Registry

There are national and state-level sex offender registries that are compiled by individual states. Although sex offenders are required to register when they move to a new state, they sometimes don't. This is why we recommend checking our national sex offender registry.

Government Watch Lists

Government security and terrorist watch lists include individuals or companies linked to terrorist activity. These watch lists also include denied, debarred, sanction, most wanted, and fugitive lists. This includes the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Debarment List, and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Exclusion List.

Motor Vehicle Records

Searching the motor vehicle record history within the state where an individual holds a license is necessary for those who drive company vehicles or their own vehicles on company business. States provide different types of information, but the average history available is for three to seven years. Court fees may apply.

Reference Checks:

Employment Reference Checks
Andrews International screens potential employees by accessing company databases or by calling the Human Resources departments or supervisors of the applicant.

Education Reference Check
Ensure that your applicant has a solid educational background screening by performing an education reference check. Andrews International is equipped to validate degrees or GED certificates from accredited schools or universities.

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