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Vendor Screening

Vendor Screening

Make better vendor decisions with client background checks from Andrews International. When you choose a third party vendor, your financial security, safety, and reputation are on the line. We mitigate that risk by detecting activities and behaviors that don’t align with your core business principals. Our one-stop solution addresses your security, risk management, internal auditing, and senior management needs by monitoring the credentials of businesses and individuals serving you.

  • Ensures Compliance and Training
  • Avoids Litigation
  • Streamlines the Audit Process
  • Preserves Corporate Image and Reputation

How It Works

Andrews International Vendor Screening is a customized, web-based management tool that provides you 24/7 access to a series of physical and database screens that verify the profile of the business and its employees against a pre-defined rules engine to determine compliance. Andrews International’ automated workflow provides you an easy-to-read compliance dashboard that ensures compliance.

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