Access Control Technology

Access Control Technology

We offer access control technologies that optimize efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in visitor processing, gate operations, and parking fee management.

Visitor and Guest Management System

Visitor and Guest Management System streamlines access control with advance preparation and pre-screening. Expected guests submit personal ID before visiting and are pre-screened against any internal "Do Not Admit" list. Upgrades enable pre-screening against terrorist, fugitive, and sex offender databases. When a pre-screened visitor checks in, security personnel follow system prompts to document identity verification. The system saves access level details and historical records of visits. With camera and signage pad upgrades, accountability can be further enhanced with visitor images and signatures.

GateMaster® System

Our GateMaster® technology prevents gate entry or exit until security personnel enter required vehicle data into the system. Security officers use a wireless, handheld device to input specified data such as driver's license/class, inbound/outbound tracking, bill of lading number, seal number/status, license plate details, etc.  Upgrades like cameras, signage pads, and screening against terrorist, fugitive, and sex offender databases further tighten security at the gate. Linking gate control to documentation compliance supports flawless records and unparalleled accountability for vehicles passing through client gates.

Guest Verification SystemSM

We offer our Guest Verification SystemSM (GVS) free of charge for gated community clients. Gate officers enter driver and vehicle data into GVS to create a digital visit record. Visitor information is checked against the GVS database of pre-approved visitors, restricted visitors, and residents. The system then autodials residents for authorization of visitors who are not pre-approved. With system prompts leading users through the proper procedures and with digital documentation of gate traffic, GVS facilitates accountability while improving safety, expediting visitor processing, and reflecting favorably on the community.


Park+ is the top security company endorsed solution for management of parking fees, roadway, and ferry tolls, and other entry/exit fee applications. Through an easy user interface, administrators enter parking or toll fees into the Park+ system, based on flat rates, duration, or other standards. The administrator can also set up "rewards" reflecting credit for on-site purchases or other discount criteria. Drivers collect a Park+ parking pass or ticket at the point of entry. Upon exit, the parking attendant scans the pass and enters rewards credit at sites where rewards are offered. Park+ automatically calculates the fee due. System administrators can easily generate reports by shift, personnel, time period, or other system data.

Gate Pass+

The Gate Pass+ system empowers residential communities and commercial facilities to easily manage the logistics of collecting and accounting for revenue generated through visitor fees. Administrators can enter any number of visitor types in the system, with different fees by visitor type. Fees can also be set to vary by specified criteria within a visitor type. Gate Pass+ stores visitor transaction details and provides reporting functionality to support reconciliation of fees charged to revenues collected.

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