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Generate revenue through visitor
fees with Gate Pass+

Andrews International and technology partner Capsure introduce Gate Pass+, the visitor fee management solution for residential communities and commercial facilities. Capsure is an innovator in the Visitor and Identification Management marketplace, dedicated to providing best in class solutions for identifying, credentialing, and tracking the general public.

The Gate Pass+ system empowers residential communities and commercial facilities to easily manage the logistics of collecting and accounting for revenue generated through visitor fees.

Administrators can enter any number of visitor types in the system, with different fees by visitor type. The system can be set up to allow some visitor types, like homeowners and their guests, to enter without fees, while requiring other visitor types, such as contractors, to pay fees to be admitted. Fees can also be set to vary by specified criteria within a visitor type. For instance, higher fees might apply for contractors who drive heavier vehicles that produce more wear and tear on the roads.

At the gate or access point, security officers enter the visitor type in the Gate Pass+ system. For visitors required to pay admittance fees, security officers collect fees before granting access. If fees are not collected, security officers document details in the system field for transaction notes. Gate Pass+ stores visitor transaction details and provides reporting functionality to support reconciliation of fees charged to revenues collected.

Another innovation from the security company with a long line of patented service delivery technologies, Gate Pass+ is the best security company endorsed solution for community or facility visitor fee management. Gate Pass+ is the product of thousands of man-hours of research and development, the upfront involvement of global security personnel, and input from leading industry access control providers. This technology was released in 2002 and has processed millions of transactions through its software.

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