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Manage documentation and compliance with Healthcare Credentialing Solution

Andrews International (AI) is a recognized leader in optimizing security processes and supporting client interests with innovative applications of proprietary technology. When our customers in the health care industry expressed a need for a continuously updated program to document security officer background information, training, qualifications, inoculations, and other data for presentation to the Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies, we developed a Healthcare Credentialing Solution**. The solution provides a centralized, user-friendly database of officers' credentials.

How Does the Solution Work?

Hard copy document sources for credentialing are scanned into a dedicated server and stored for future review, audit, and verification. Original source documents are divided into two categories:

  • Pre-Employment (Background Credentials)
  • Active Employment (Performance Credentials)

Examples of Active Employment Performance Credentials*

  • Job-Specific and Specialized Training
  • Hazardous Material Awareness Training (HAZMAT)
  • CPR, AED, First Aid Training/Certification
  • Blood Borne Pathogens Training/Certification
  • Emergency Response Training
  • IAHSS Certification
  • CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Program
  • Health Care SEC/HIPPA

Examples of Pre-Employment Background Credentials*

  • Consent Form
  • I-9 Qualifying Support
  • Criminal Background and FDLE Background Check
  • Public Records Check
  • Drug Screen and Alcohol Testing
  • DMV Check
  • Residential and Employment History
  • Licensing Credentials
  • Immunizations
  • Hepatitis B and TB Testing, Physical/Medical Exams
  • Security Officer Pre-Assignment Training
  • Hospital Orientation

*Credentials documented in the system may include but are not limited to those listed.

Client Benefits

Joint Commission & Other Audit Compliance

  • Accepted by The Joint Commission in lieu of paper files
  • Provides a rich source of security and safety information for Environment of Care audits

Paperless Document Management

  • Replaces cumbersome paper files with actual document scans
  • Environmentally friendly, with reviews based on visual access to the original documents in electronic form

Flexible Reporting

  • Sorts data by individual employee, post assignment, or overall percentage rates


  • Can scan and preserve an unlimited number of items


  • Provided at no cost to our AI healthcare clients

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