Instant Alert!SM

Monitor equipment or events with Instant Alert!SM

Instant Alert!SMis a predictive maintenance program for monitoring equipment, systems, and conditions and providing early warning of potential trouble.

Systems failures can be dangerous to your personnel and costly to your operations. When there are potential equipment issues or security risks, you need to know. The Andrews International (AI) Instant Alert!℠ system enables you to monitor your assets for potential vulnerability.

Early Warning System

Instant Alert!SM combines digital communications technology with a military-grade handheld phone/scanner device that reads bar codes and instantly transmits data to AI's Command Center. The digital communications device is integrated with our centralized system. As the security officer reads the bar code, location data is collected.The device can be custom-programed to require input of system readings or other information for comparison against programmed parameters. Alerts are delivered in real time to designated stakeholders when there are out-of-tolerance readings or other unusual conditions.

Unlimited Applications

The Instant Alert!SM technology can be adapted on a site-by-site basis to meet specific needs of your environment. This instantaneous relay system is capable of providing predictive maintenance notifications for a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Equipment operating condition (e.g., temperature 
    or pressure)
  • Fire extinguisher pressures
  • Freezer 
    temperature levels
  • Dam water levels
  • Power outages
  • Oil spills
  • Water leaks
  • Bomb threats
  • Broken windows or doors
  • Maintenance required
  • Non-functioning access control systems
  • Smoke color out of smoke stacks

Benefits of Instant Alert!SM

  • Reliable performance – ensures systems checks take place on schedule
  • Real-time alerts – provide instant notification and documentation for future reference
  • Multiple applications – monitor everything from equipment readings to site conditions
  • Documentation – reveals trends so that measures can be taken to reduce incidents
  • Streamlined processes – eliminate unnecessary paperwork and handwritten logs

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