Qualifications of every officer confirmed with
Past-Positive® System

Through Past-Positive®, Andrews International (AI) guarantees that every employee at every site is in compliance with company standards, contractual terms, and regulatory requirements.

AI's commitment to outstanding security service starts with the quality of the security officers we hire. At the core of our employment policy is the Past-Positive® Applicant Background Verification System. On one level, Past-Positive® verifies that all screening checks have been completed and that the results meet or exceed a defined standard. At another level, the system actually confirms background investigation findings: education, work history, employment history, criminal history, Social Security Number, motor vehicle history, and compliance with state licensing requirements. Discrepancies result in blocking of the applicant from payroll, ensuring that only qualified candidates — verified and confirmed — are assigned to client sites. By eliminating the possibility of shortcuts, temporary exceptions, or loose ends, Past-Positive® holds us accountable for confirming each officer is compliant with internal standards, regulatory requirements, and contractual terms before assignment to any post. With the assurance provided through Past-Positive®, our customers never have to question the integrity of our security personnel.

Key Benefits of Past-Positive®

  • Accuracy – Our Past-Positive® system blocks employees from payroll for incomplete selection and training documentation, failed training, disqualifying criminal records, and expired work eligibility/ licenses.
  • Continuity – The system efficiently integrates functions executed at branch offices, such as interviewing candidates, with centrally implemented processes, such as background inquiries, which are conducted at USA's National Command Center.
  • Dependability – The Past-Positive® system verifies that 100% of our assigned officers meet screening, training, and regulatory requirements — no exceptions.
  • Consistency – This powerful proprietary system confirms the eligibility and qualifications of officers employed through all branch offices nationwide.

Our Past-Positive® system scans every employee record – upon hire and on an ongoing basis – for the required screening and training paperwork.

Compliance auditors examine the paperwork for completeness and accuracy.

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