Post coverage confirmed in real time with
Post-Positive® System

Andrews International (AI) confirms that officers are on post, on time, with Post-Positive® Post Supervisory System.

AI's strategy for managing service quality combines security best practices with technology-based quality controls. The Post-Positive® Post Supervisory System is technology that holds us accountable for having officers on post, on time, and for billing accordingly.

Did the officer show up for work? Was he or she on time? These ranked among the top concerns of security managers in a recent study — especially security managers responsible for cold-start locations. Post-Positive® — an optional round-the-clock post monitoring solution developed as a quality control tool to support shift organization at cold start locations — can answer these questions in real time. With Post-Positive®, officers sign in and out of duty telephonically from recognized site phones. If a scheduled sign-in is missed, the system triggers a supervisor alert, enabling rapid response to support post coverage.

Post-Positive® offers detailed reporting of post coverage, and system-generated timesheets ensure precise, accurate billing.

Innovations like Post-Positive® form the foundation for performance management excellence. With our team of internal developers continuously working to improve existing systems, expand applications, and take advantage of the latest technology, we are proud to introduce advanced solutions for improving efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in security operations.

Key Benefits of Post-Positive®

  • User-friendly – Both officers and security managers can intuitively operate the Post-Positive® system. No complex technology, no training.
  • Foolproof – Caller ID and controlled timesheets correctly identify that the right person is at the right place at the right time.
  • Efficient – Telephonic check-ins and automated alerts free managers to focus on other responsibilities.

The Post-Positive® Post Supervisory System triggers a supervisor alert if an officer fails to sign in or sign out on schedule from a recognized site phone.

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