Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Andrews International (AI) incorporates Voice Recognition technology* into its arsenal of technology tools that collectively ensure that security officers are qualified, trained, and on post, on time.

AI developed its Post-Positive® Post Supervisory System as a 24/7 post monitoring solution to support attendance, punctuality, and billing, particularly at cold start locations. With Post-Positive®, officers sign in and out telephonically using recognized on-site telephones. If a scheduled sign-in is missed, the system triggers a supervisor alert. Now, the accountability delivered by Post-Positive® is enhanced further with sophisticated Voice Recognition technology, AI's  solution for on-site employee verification.

The Voice Recognition feature confirms that the right officer is at the right post at the right time through a sophisticated voice print program. Using the Post-Positive® telephone, officers create a one-time initial voice print that records their speech patterns, biometric vocal traits, and linguistic sound patterns. These vocal characteristics are assembled into recognizable patterns that can be used for voice authentication purposes.

Each time an officer uses a standard passphrase to sign in with Post-Positive®, the Voice Recognition program compares the voice calling in to the complex vocal print on record. If the officer's voice matches the pattern on record, he or she is directed to continue with check-in procedures. If the officer's voice is not recognized, the system will issue a supervisor alert. Clients can customize verification procedures by allowing officers to provide additional identification information such as birthdates or PIN numbers.

Voice Recognition technology combines three levels of security to circumvent compromised security or PIN sharing. Officers must be able to navigate the phone system, enter a confidential PIN number, and receive biometric voice authentication in order to successfully check in for duty. Because the technology captures specific physical characteristics, such as size of vocal tract, teeth, and mouth, as well as nuanced behavioral traits like accent and speaking rhythm, accuracy is guaranteed for every caller.

Voice Recognition technology eliminates concerns about who is checking in and when at unsupervised posts, ultimately helping to ensure that qualified, trained officers are at their assigned posts on schedule. With no installation or maintenance costs, the simplicity and accuracy of AI's Voice Recognition technology is an added value benefit AI offers customers as part of an ongoing effort to leverage technology to deliver continuous improvements in accountability and performance.

Key Benefits of Voice Recognition Technology

  • Cost-efficient – Existing phone system can be used to implement program on a large scale with no up-front costs.
  • Secure – Multiple layers of protection prevent falsification of records.
  • User-friendly – Simple technology requires no additional installation.
  • Consistent, reliable results – Rate of successful authentication is more than double traditional automated authentication rates.

*Offered through technology partnership with U.S. Security Associates, Inc

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