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Andrews International (AI) offers an integrated suite of patented technology solutions, developed in response to the evolving needs and feedback of thousands of clients. Among the world's largest security companies, AI is the only one with an internal development team creating advanced systems to better support security services quality and security company accountability.

Essential technology systems ensure the integrity of the elemental processes that impact security service delivery – employee background screening, security officer training, force supervision, and management responsiveness. AI's technology toolbox also includes a variety of elective security solutions systems.

Essential Technology

Security Information System® (SIS)

SIS is a powerful security management dashboard that provides AI managers and clients with around-the-clock access to real-time performance indicator data for the entire security operation. 
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Past Positive® Applicant Background Verification System

Our Past-Positive® Applicant Background Verification System bars new employees from payroll until 100% of background screening is complete and each security officer is verified compliant with security company standards, regulatory requirements, and contractual terms.
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Post Positive® Post Supervisory System

The Post-Positive® Post Supervisory System provides real-time monitoring of attendance and punctuality through telephonic sign-ins and sign-outs from recognized site phones.  Deviations from schedule trigger supervisor alerts, and system-generated timesheets ensure precise, accurate billing. 
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Responsive Management®

Responsive Management® holds AI leadership accountable for communicating with clients on a set schedule, acknowledging concerns, and following up with appropriate action. Any breakdown in client communications is automatically escalated to senior management. 
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Technology Toolbox

IMS Incident Management System

AI's IMS Incident Management System empowers security officers to submit incident reports and attachments by Android devices or by PC, automatically launching a rapid notification and documentation protocol that supports effective incident response and follow-through. 
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Tour Positive® Data Collection Service

There are a multitude of applications for Tour Positive® Data Collection Service:

Tour Positive® – Tour Positive® tour system uploads tour data in real-time to AI's Command Center, where the data is actively monitored by experienced operators who follow up immediately on alerts triggered by deviations to the tour schedule.
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Instant Alert! – Instant Alert! early warning system helps prevent devastating losses from system failures and other risks, through handheld scanners that upload system data to AI's Command Center, triggering alerts if data is outside of specified parameters.
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Red Box Alert – Red Box Alert enables security officers to easily incorporate fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance into their work, with reminders, step-by-step prompts, real-time documentation, and instant alerts if malfunctions or irregularities are identified.
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Daily Trainer

The Daily Trainer is a free telephonic solution for ongoing site training, whereby officers call a toll-free number twice per day for site-specific, question and answer format learning reinforcement.
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Visitor Management SystemSM

AI's Visitor Management SystemSM streamlines access control with advance preparation and pre-screening for expected visitors
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GateMasterSM System

Our GateMasterSM technology links gate control to documentation compliance, preventing gate entry or exit until security officers enter required vehicle data into the system using wireless, handheld devices.
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Guest Verification System

AI offers Guest Verification System (GVS) free of charge for gated community clients. GVS stores digital records of pre-approved and restricted visitors and residents and prompts gate officers to input visitor information to be checked against the GVS database. The system autodials residents for authorization of visitors who are not pre-approved. 
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Weather Watch®

A free service, AI's Weather Watch® weather notification system provides subscribers access to 24/7 weather tracking along with real-time alerts of developing severe weather conditions.
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