"Give a man a fish and he's fed for a day… Teach him to fish and he's fed for a lifetime!"

Welcome to Andrews International Training Center

If you are looking for someone who will take your money, put you in a warehouse, throw a manual at you, give you a test and send you on your way…then keep looking. We are not for you!

Other "Security Guard Training" companies may get you into the door of security work, but they can't take you beyond what you need to know so that those pay raises and promotions come your way. We won't just get you into the door for security work, but we will teach you how to experience a lifetime of success in your security career.

Andrews International Training Center has the commitment, expertise and experience to deliver!

Our experience has allowed us to provide training to over 15,000 current security, law enforcement and military personnel covering more than 450 corporate clients within many countries! From construction sites to protecting the President of the United States and everything in between, our Instructors are leading experts in the security field today! With life experience in Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighting, Corporate and Private industries, our Instructors have done what they teach. Adding to their career experience, our Instructors are expert Master and Senior Instructors in all the skills and techniques of security work!

Take a tour of our website and see all that we can do to help train and advance you in your career in security, or help prepare your company's private security officers for the unique challenges that they will face in customer service, prevention and protection.

California BSIS PPO License #15736 - California BSIS TFF License #1093

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